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About us

        It was founded in 2012, Lipower is an enterprise promoted by engineering technical team, having a 

        vision to be Leading Outdoors Power Station Energy solutions provider globally. We provide performance ,

       safety and convenience, renewable power for life,  no matter for adventures, household backup power, 

       camping outdoors and RV.


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       we understands all the 3 key dimensions of solutions development that includes Hardware technologies,

       Software technologies and Compatibility ,This gives us a unique strength in comprehensively understanding

      our customer needs along with the depth of the technology understanding. our engineers team with excellent

      experience in BMS management application, inverter applications ,Which make it possible for us to provide

      high quality solar power station. Designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, Lipower solar generator with the

      MPPT Solar panels can capture solar power in a more efficient way, allows the explorers to enjoy an endless 

      supply of power for extended time outdoors. Power Anything ,Anywhere ,Anytime”.

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      With total process quality control, all Lipower products have been certified to meet regulatory, safety, and 

      environmental standards that market demand, including CE FCC ROHS PSE and all transportation report.

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       OEM and ODM service are acceptable for flexible personalized design , we also have experienced staff 

       members who are always available to discuss your requirements. Meet your demands and expectations to

      design your own unique mold power station. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationship

       with you in the nearest future.




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