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HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2022

The 2022 Hongkong Electronics Fair will be held in autumn from October 13th to October 16th, 2022. The venue: Hong Kong and Taiwan, China-No.1 Expo Road, Hong Kong-Wanchai District-Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The organizer: China Hong Kong Trade Development Council. The holding period is once a year. It is estimated that the exhibition area will reach 65,600 square meters and the number of exhibitors will reach 50,011.

The Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show, sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, has been held for 33 times so far. As the largest electronics show in the world, the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show entered its 35th session in 2015, and its scale has been growing, bringing together a total of 3,436 enterprises from 30 countries and regions, including new exhibitors from Denmark, Portugal and Sweden, setting a new record. Fujian and Jiangmen in China, as well as Taiwan Province and South Korea have organized exhibition halls, and the lineup is at its peak. The four-day exhibition attracted more than 68,000 buyers, of whom more than 44,000 were from other places. The top ten buyers are from China, Taiwan Province, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Germany and India.

The congress organized more than 100 purchasing delegations from all over the world to visit Hong Kong, representing more than 3,600 companies, including many famous chain stores, such as Best Buy in the United States, Canadian Tire in Canada, Carrefour in France, El Corte Ingles in Hong Kong, MGB Metro in Germany and Schneider Electric (Hong Kong). In addition, the conference offered a number of funding schemes to attract many buyers to visit, including executives of well-known enterprises such as Honeywell and Supervalu in the United States, TV Direct in Thailand, Ulmart in Russia and Esd in mainland China.

Brand Gathering Gallery The prestigious "Brand Gathering Gallery" is one of the most eye-catching highlights of the conference. It gathers the top brands in the industry and specializes in displaying electronic products with excellent design and performance. The "Brand Gathering Gallery" located in Exhibition Hall 1 has gathered more than 480 famous brands this year, including Goodway, Motorola, Philips, Princess, Skyworth and VTech. In line with the trend of the industry, the product zone conference has designated a number of product zones, which is convenient for buyers to find the required products and exhibitors, and it is faster and more appropriate.

The Hong Kong Electronic Products Exhibition, sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, has been held for 34 times so far. As the largest trade exhibition of its kind in the world, this season's two exhibitions have gathered 3,900 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, a record high, lasting from 13th to 16th, with emphasis on various high-tech products. During the four-day exhibition, more than 97,000 buyers from 140 countries and regions were attracted.

To create business opportunities, the organizer organized more than 120 buyers' groups and invited major importers, distributors and retailers from all over the world to visit the exhibition, including Best Buy in the United States, Carrefour in France and Metro in Germany. At the same time, many scattered buyers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, South Korea, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Colombia also entered the market. Zhou Qiliang, vice president of HKTDC, said that from this season's exhibition, the economies of Europe and America are uncertain and buyers are relatively cautious. However, the middle-class consumers in emerging markets, such as South America and Eastern Europe, are constantly expanding, and they are pursuing electronic consumer goods with excellent design and functions.




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