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Portable Power Station for camping outdoors

    Most of the time, we mainly enjoy the convenience of the national grid to maintain the operation of electrical and electronic equipment, however, whether it is because of power outages or outdoor work or travel, the demand for off-grid electricity is rising, with the mature development of battery technology, green and safe portable outdoor power supply came into being.

  Portable Power Station that can support AC, USB, DC output at the same time. we usually use it for outdoor travel or Emergency situation , power station are very popular in Europe and the United States, no matter for self-driving travel enthusiasts, outdoor travel teams, and individual players, the demand for portable energy storage power surge, such products diversified functions, for users in the outdoor to provide power supply, lighting and other uses, enriching outdoor life. In the use of earthquake and disaster prevention, it can respond to the needs of power outages, lighting, SOS rescue, etc., which is particularly important in severe natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. 


At present, our long-term stable delivery power power station is range from 200W to 3000W, and the higher power models are constantly being developed, and outdoor use can provide convenient power for various electrical equipment, especially in places where the mains power supply is insufficient. Products can be applied to emergency rescue, outdoor work (such as exploration, construction, stalls, marine operations, etc.), outdoor travel, mobile office and other scenarios.



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